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Reprocessing a schema in an Xml Schema Set performs all the preprocessing steps performed on a schema when the Add method of the Xml Schema Set is called.If the call to the Reprocess method is successful, the Is Compiled property of the Xml Schema Set is set to . Schema Type Name = new Xml Qualified Name("string", " schema Set.

If Dim schema Set As Xml Schema Set = New Xml Schema Set schema Set. Out) Next For more information about adding and retrieving schemas from an Xml Schema Set object, see the Add method and the Schemas property reference documentation.The Xml Schema Set has been introduced to fix a number of issues including standards compatibility, performance, and the obsolete Microsoft XML-Data Reduced (XDR) schema format.The following is a comparison between the Xml Schema Collection class and the Xml Schema Set class.Add(" "books.xsd") Dim schema As Xml Schema For Each schema In schema Set. Schemas in an Xml Schema Set are compiled into one logical schema by the Compile method of the Xml Schema Set.Note The Is Compiled property is not affected if schemas are edited while in the Xml Schema Set.

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