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Most people probably wouldn’t think that prostitution is regulated and legal in some ways here but it is.The illegal types are running a brothel that is not regulated and a girl can get in trouble if she is not getting her health checks or license as well.Again you can try to hold out saying you know the real price and they should eventually give in.Some girls will only give blowjobs for that price and try to charge more.You can take a taxi here and you will see many hookers walking around or standing by the road in Aksaray.You can also head over to Tariabasi Boulevard where there are many street hookers, as well as around Taksim Square.

All around the world these types of places are known to try and scam people and it is no different here.At the time of writing this the dollar is worth about 3.5 Turkish Lira.The best place to go if you are looking for the red light district in Istanbul is to head to the Galata Bridge to the Karakoy.This is not a great city for strip clubs so you should probably avoid any here.There are also ‘sex clubs’ in Istanbul but they are known to be pretty scammy. Your best bets for finding girls for sex in Istanbul are the red light districts, meeting hookers online, and streetwalkers.

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They will tell you there is some sort of entrance fee but that is not the case.

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