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I thought it would be really fun to do, it’s unlike anything I've done in the past, and I get to hang out with Jenn for the summer. Someone really only needs to put me in a dimly lit room and tell me it’s a haunted house and I will have a nervous breakdown. Now that you're performing in a haunted house every week anything funny or creepy happen? We are not actually performing in a haunted house, but our theater is part of a complex that includes a few theaters, bars and a haunted house. There was a fetish party after the show at one of the bars, and we were all having a good time walking on a man rolled into a rug and we got kicked out for not having wrist bands. But I love this play, so funny, sweet, and touching, about a well-off married gay couple in Sag Harbor. “It just takes a lot of caffeine and a lot of alcohol!The New York casting director hadn’t even marked my tape for the show’s producers to watch, but they accidentally somehow saw it and said, ‘This is the guy.’ “They flew me out twice.I didn’t do well in that showcase and was doing theater in St. I had never been and thought it was all a fluke, but a chance to visit LA for free, and somehow I booked it.

I love Toronto, but I wasn’t in LA or New York and unable to begin a career outside of the show.We were like "we work here" but the bouncers wouldn't have any of it. Do you still get spotted as 'that guy' from , but not too much. It’s usually a pretty touching experience, because now that people who were in their early teens when the show aired are grown up, I get some beautiful stories about how much the show affected them. What I've learned most while working on Queer as Folk has come really indirectly, less from playing Justin Taylor than from dealing with press, corporations, advertisers, the gay community, and fans of the show.I've learned the necessity of constantly realigning your perspective and the importance of standing up for yourself and being constantly aware that people are going to skew and censor you...

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