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In the Cinélume dub, Riven chose to side with the Trix of his own free will.He was never mind controlled, which makes his actions even more despicable as he willingly betrayed his real friends on his own.Upon Riven's return to Alfea with Brandon and Stella, he is seen standing outside Musa's dorm window.

He also smiles a lot more but still has a tendency to be hotheaded and overly jealous.In the 4Kids dub, after having a spell put on him by Darcy during the Race for the Rose with help from Icy and Stormy he is spelled and "falls in love" with Darcy.He spends most of the first season as their spy until he is betrayed by them.He looks rather angry about it and states "Now this is my kind of party." At this point though it cannot be told if their feelings are mutual or not.At the end of the night, he tells Musa and Flora that the next time they have a party to leave him out of it.

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Riven does have a conscious, though it can often be blinded by anger and misunderstandings, which are the two factors that lead his justifications and actions.

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