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'" She also made friends with a fellow actor in his early twenties called Augustus Prew, who plays Robin.Her line, addressed to him and his gang – "I know who you are, you're vagabonds and plunderers! In the first draft of the script, her character fell in love with Robin and there was a big kiss scene at the end.Provoking headlines including "Dakota Blue Richards Branded a 'Yob' by Locals," it was reported by the Telegraph and a local paper among others that the then-13-year-old actor had been "involved in the destruction of two snow sculptures" outside a newsagent in Hove.The girl and her "gang" had wantonly flattened a snowman and a snowdog – which had lumps of coal for eyes, no less.Abe Resteto, 40, a newsagent who joined with other community members to build the "sculptures", said, "We put our heart and soul into that snowman." Another local commented: "It seems kids today can't stop being inconsiderate yobs even if they are film stars." A trenchant piece of news journalism, no? "It was a bunch of older guys who should have known better." The destruction, it seems, was provoked: "It was like, 'Throw ice at us and we'll kick down your snowman.'" Thinking about it, her instantly legible face darkens. I'm not cross, but you do just wonder what must go through people's heads when they think, 'I'm going to go tell that story.'" Last year, her personal pictures were filched and disseminated online."I can't have Bebo or My Space or Facebook [profiles]," she sighs, "because there's fake people and fake finders saying, 'You're a fake unless you go on webcam to me.'" Later I browse online and find a You Tube film warning fans off seven different fake personal profiles for her.

I know people from working with them on films but they're not the ones I would meet up with... Dakota says working with Natascha Mc Elhone was really lovely because, "It's nice to have normal people around." You can see why child stars like the normal word – it's modest, conservative, self-defensive, a good way of saying something without saying anything – but really, what normal person would ever describe themself that way?

I think there's a really mature side of me that can deal with problems – but when I'm with my friends, I get to act much more kidlike." Ah yes.

Last year certain kidlike behaviour caused the scandal we shall refer to as "Snowman-gate".

I don't hang out with people like that at the weekend. When I interviewed the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star Freddie Highmore in 2007 he also used it with touching frequency, about himself, his hopes for the future, even, most improbably, about his co-star Johnny Depp.

But The Golden Compass had a lukewarm critical reception and irritated the evangelical Christian lobby, and the whole project seems to have ground to a halt.

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