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This process of expanded information continues with the Chronicle of the Scots and Picts dated 1177, all of which include additional details about where the kings died and were buried, as well as some further family relationships.

For example Greg (also referred to as Giric or Grime), son of King Kenneth II, whose death is dated to [1005], is named for the first time in the 1251 chronicle.

No Scottish chronicles survive for this period and references to Scottish affairs in English chronicles are infrequent, although more information is included in Irish chronicles.

Another point relates to the alleged burial of the early kings on the island of Iona.As will be observed when studying this document, these different primary sources are mutually contradictory in many areas.The major point of difference concerns the regnal years, which means that dating of the early Scottish kings is reliable only when it can be checked against outside sources such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.These burials are not mentioned in the 10th century Cronica but are first referred to in the Chronicle dated 1177, suggesting another case of information introduced into later documentation to reinforce the sense of continuity in early Scottish history.Other details about the early kings which are contained in the later Scottish chronicles are also dubious.

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