Validating a scale

Attendees will be able to relate these prototype examples to the requirements of their own applications and reference them to code solutions.

The program will show sorting of different strengths, regular expressions, Unicode normalization, bidirectional languages, and other features of the Unicode standard.

However, while it vastly simplifies the internationalization of products, there is a learning curve.

The goal of this tutorial is to help new users of ICU install and use the library.

Character representation and the Unicode-based Reference Processing Model are described in detail.

HTML, including HTML5, XHTML, XML (e Xtensible Markup Language; for general markup), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets; for styling information) are given particular emphasis.

Taught by software internationalization experts, this tutorial will introduce you to the key principles of Unicode, its design and architecture, and provide you with examples of real world implementation.

Attendees will come away with a basic knowledge of Unicode and how to be more effective at processing, handling, and debugging multilingual text content.

ICU is a very popular internationalization software solution, and is now hosted by Unicode itself.

It is helpful if participants are familiar with Java, C and C programming. Suitable for software developers, QA, marketers, system administrators, and management.

Issues relating to ICU4C/C as well as ICU4J (Java) will be discussed. A tour of Android’s internationalization and localization features, including a tutorial for developing an internationalized Android app from scratch (localizability, formatting, bidi, etc.).

It also provides memorable examples to help you understand the buzzwords used in the rest of the conference and your future work with Unicode.

The tutorial starts with basic character encoding principles, but goes much further, covering things such as input of ideographs, combining characters, context-dependent shape variation, text direction, vowel signs, ligatures, punctuation, wrapping and editing, font issues, sorting and indexing, keyboards, and more.

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