Updating version control repository

Our Standard deployment option should be used when you are ready to customize a production-ready architecture, built for scale and extensibility.

Creating a Basic solution will result in the following Azure services being provisioned into your Azure subscription at cost: The standard deployment is a production-ready deployment a developer can customize and extend to meet their needs.

Basic deployment is geared toward showcasing the solution.

To reduce the cost of this demonstration, all the microservices are deployed in a single virtual machine; this is not considered a production-ready architecture.

You can deploy from SQL Compare or copy the script to review and run later.

Io T Hub is a fully managed service that enables reliable and secure bidirectional communications between millions of Io T devices and a solution back end.

Check out the Interactive Demo for a detailed overview of features and use cases.

Plus, a lot of great functionality will be coming in the next few months, including: The preview offers many features but there are known bugs.

You can refer to our Issues List in this repo (and in any submodules) to see known requests and issues.

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Cruise Control configuration files are written in XML.

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