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In our previous assessment, we wrote about the top row of softkeys that appear to be neither touch-sensitive nor hard buttons, which left us baffled.

We have since confirmed with Sony Ericsson that the softkeys represented by three white dots are touch-sensitive and they glow in the dark, as we found out later.

Do note that this is still a prototype unit we're reviewing, so there may be differences in the commercial set when it becomes available in early Q4.

Design When we read the specifications, we couldn't help feeling that this should have been what the K810i aspired to.

But on this new Cyber-shot, there's a dedicated on/off button that does the job.

The last feature, probably also one of the most interesting and innovative ones, is the battery compartment on the K850i.

COMSony Ericsson isn't the first to come up with a 5-megapixel camera-phone and, in fact, Samsung has even higher-resolution mobiles in its pocket.

And with a 5-megapixel autofocus camera and an onboard Xenon flash, some are bound to wonder if the Cyber-shot K850i can rival that of Nokia's N95.

The usual directional pad is now a rectangular ring that wraps around the 2 and 5 buttons.

Taking a page out of the Sony Cyber-shot book, the K850i sports a slider switch that toggles between the shooting modes and playback function.

Previously, users had to access the onscreen menu to change from stills to motion images.

This may be a problem when fingerprints smudges come to play.

On the K810i and the K800i, sliding down the lens cover automatically activates the camera.

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