Updating airline technology needed

After this foundation has been established, you can begin to consider WLAN implementation alternatives.

Before you plot out access point deployment, conduct a site survey using a WLAN discovery tool such as Net Stumbler. According to a recent Gartner report, at least one in five companies find APs deployed without IT department permission.

If you don't know what you're defending and why, your security measures are just shots in the dark.

They can capture and modify traffic to masquerade as you, with financial or legal consequences.

Even a low-tech attacker can disrupt your business by launching wireless packet floods against your APs, nearby servers, next-hop wired network or Internet uplink.

Commodity pricing, retail distribution and setup wizards have made it trivial for employees to install rogue APs, which can expose corporate assets to outsiders and interfere with WLAN performance.

Find and eliminate rogue APs from the start--or safely incorporate them into your wireless network design.

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