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While it would be perfectly fine if his kid fit this description, he absolutely does not.I’m forced to assume that Giles wanted to splash around in a pool of fat hate and decided to facilitate that by pretending that his kid is fat.If he doesn’t have a growth spurt, then you’ll have a short kid. No doubt Diane Abbott’s family assumed that she would change shape when she was out of nappies. It’s reasonable to assume that the parents took their eyes off the ball, let their porky pups feast on a shitty diet and do fuck-all exercise into adolescence and now look at them: ostensibly successful, yes, but laughable to behold with their untucked shirts and stretched, shiny faces.The thing about kids growing up is that they grow up into adults of all kinds of shapes and sizes and none of that requires ALL CAPS HISTRIONICS because all bodies are good bodies. Adele’s parents probably thought it was puppy fat too. It’s not reasonable – it’s fatphobia and stereotyping.If global warming were real, Panel 2 Glasses dude is looking out the window at the storm. Panel 3 Glasses dude, now with a backpack and carrying a duffel bag, splashes through puddles as he walks away from his house, the dog following him. The sky is only partly cloudy here, and there’s no storm. CAPTION: As I was saying, if global warming WERE real, wouldn’t we see SOME sign of it?Large objects – a boot, a coffee mug, a chair, a mailbox – fly by in the wind as the rain pours down. Giles Coren writes a column for Esquire about fatherhood.

Behind her, on the left, are three angry student protestors, yelling stuff we don’t hear.This is just another way that people who want to be bigots try to justify their bigotry, and using people who are starving to do it is particularly despicable. He is saying that, given a chance, he would kill all fat people, then burn us.It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s a call for genocide.Before we get into his advocacy of child abuse and killing fat people, let’s take a look at his kid, who he calls “morbidly obese” I’m going to take his letter and break it down.Please consider signing and sharing the petition to get this piece, and Giles’ column, pulled from Esquire UK.

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Hunger is a complex issue that has to do with things like capitalism, nationalism, racism and more.

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