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We could all use some outside perspective when figuring out whether to stay or go.Things you once thought were cute or never even noticed are now driving you crazy, maybe it’s his snoring, he's cheap, or that toxic friend who is always around, but it’s time to handle it.It could be having kids, college graduation, or that new job opportunity: something is going to happen soon and you have to figure out if you’re facing it alone or together.There are more, of course, but figuring those out is something we can do together.We are seeking extraordinary single men and women genuinely looking for love, open to new possibilities and have an active dating life who are at least 18 years old to share their authentic experiences of navigating love in the modern era.For the first time ever viewers will be tuning in LIVE and connecting with daters from around the country for Date Night.Sometimes the slow torture is the worst: get it out in the open and figure out whether or not it’s a deal breaker.You know the feeling, before any words are even spoken, you can tell something isn't right. Get the secret out in the open where it won’t have power over you any more.

We are shopping the Magic City throughout its eclectic neighborhoods for the most connected, powerful, beautiful, confident and envied friends, family and associates that are 21 to become the next American super-obsession and put your social circle on a new platform.NBC, All3Media America, & Doron Ofir Casting are seeking duos and trios of real everyday people with strong opinions and a hilarious sense of humor to share their thoughts about the events of the week for their new series Common Sense.Common Sense is a weekly, half-hour comedy series featuring real people from all over the country expressing their opinions on the week’s news - totally unfiltered, totally real, totally funny!They’ll share their life together, through a series of filmed packages and brief chats in order to come to the right decision.Breakups are rough, but making the decision is the hardest part.

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Casting duos and trios made up of friends, colleagues or family members - to take us through their thought process and share their opinions, on everything from the politically charged to the ridiculous.

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