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At a meditative level, this sense of harmony is calming, connecting man with his environment. Total harmony with the universe reveals the insignificance of all life, turning the ninja into a completely cold, perfectly harmonized killer. This enhanced sensory awareness also gives an insight into the general emotional state of others, making ninjas highly effective card players.

By connecting the ninja with nature, Zai allows the warrior to use the sky, the river and other natural elements in battle.

Many casinos have since implemented restrictions that limit ninjas to slot machines and roulette. The seal of the inner bonds also shields a ninja’s thoughts from others.

Jin is a high-level ability, and a potentially dangerous one.

On January 16, 1999, shinobi master Yamashiro Toshtoshitora controlled rock legend Meat Loaf for a full 16 minutes during the filming of Zen offers far more than the self-exploration and enlightenment typically sought by aging hippies and cross-legged, yoga obsessed MILFs.

For the ninja, the seal of the hidden form offers the ultimate stealth weapon: invisibility.

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