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Of course this is nonsense on particularly elevated stilts.

As the great historian of the Middle East Bernard Lewis has put it, “The term ‘Orientalist,’ abandoned by its practitioners as obsolete and inaccurate, was scavenged by Said …

So to be a devout Muslim, you must follow the brutal example set forth by Muhammad.

In the Sira and Hadith we find that Muhammad behaved basically the way we see the Islamic State, or ISIS, behaving today.

Islam was created by a man claiming to be a prophet, named Muhammad. He also authored a best seller called “The Holy Quran” which is the central text that is to be followed by all Muslims.When scholar Tom Holland turned his critical eye on the foundation story of Islam in 2012, he was hounded with much abuse and driven from the airwaves.Yet much of what he wrote about can be found in Bell’s book, written all those decades before, and is common knowledge among scholars of the Qur’an.and recycled as a term of abuse.” Orientalists existed at a time before academic specialisation; their heirs are now “historians, sociologists, political scientists, linguists, [and] literary scholars.” This matters not just as a matter of truth but because Bell wrote at a time before Islam became such a conspicuous part of the Western conversation, and before, as Lewis has noted, “Islam …ha[d] a level of immunity from comment and criticism in the Western world that Christianity has lost and Judaism has never had.” Bell’s book is not even slightly polemical—indeed at some points I think it is rather too generous in its interpretation and too deferential to a Tradition that he himself notes is “as a whole unreliable”—but it nonetheless clearly has the imprint of somebody who is not writing in the shadow of fear, either for his academic career or his life.

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*** Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, was born in 570 or 571, and began his preaching mission in Mecca, a watering hole on the trade routes between the Red Sea and Arabian interior, in 610 or 612.

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