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The rest of the film reveals how Varun disappeared and what Rambabu does to keep his family from going to prison. It went on to become one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of the year, collecting a worldwide distributor share of Rambabu is a cable network operator who lives in Rajavaram, a village located in the Araku region, with his wife Jyothi and their daughters – Anju, a twelfth-grade student, and Anu, who is in secondary school.

The production work of Drushyam was undertaken by Suresh Balaje and George Pious. By virtue of his job, Rambabu spends a lot of time watching films in multiple languages.

Geetha arrests Rambabu and his family, and Veerabhadram uses force to beat the truth out of them. Here is a shortcut to all Categories at the bottom of this page.Indian Girls club brings you some of the hottest nude Indian girls in adult industry.Rambabu, predicting that this would happen, coaches his family on how to present their alibi.As a result, when questioned individually, their responses are consistent.

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As Rambabu, Jyothi and Anju are severely injured, Geetha's husband, Prabhakar, asks her to put a stop to this.

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