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Love is considered as a path to heaven, and one should feel lucky to endure the feeling of love.Question: Do you feel online dating sites are still taboo? Some refuse to be set up on a blind date confident it would be a disaster, others after 40 years fondly look back at that blind date with gratitude.

These online dating companies only exist because of the throngs of hopeful lovers who have accepted that you can’t plan on fate providing you with a partner.

By 2009, the Internet became the third most likely way of meeting someone, with the second most likely way being an introduction through a friend.

One of the biggest changes that has happened with online dating, is that the market for use has expanded beyond middle aged heterosexuals and LGBTQ individuals — societies that sociologists say first made use of online dating services because of more intense limitations to finding a partner in the physical space.

If it’s deeply embedded in your values and virtues to not online date and it goes against your soul’s truth…

By no means am I asking you to go against your heart 😉 However if you’d be willing to consider a different point of view…

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