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You can create a full 3D backup of all of your forms, reports, etc.

by following the directions here: continuing please note that some editions of 3D may not include all Custom Form Studio Features.

You can achieve the same result by changing the Record Source of the main form to an SQL statement with an INNER JOIN to the table containing the field you wish to filter on.

If that sounds a mouthful, it is quite simple to do.

The reason we would not include the heading in the subform is that we don't want the heading label to be repeated since each bedroom area will be uniquely labeled. I'm going to go ahead and create 3 subheadings called Entry Door, Closet, and Walls. The contents of the subform will be included in the main form when the forms are later compiled together for use.

Now we'll create 2 more headings called Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3. Now we have a new subform inserted beneath our Heading Bedroom 2.

For example, some products might have several suppliers.

You need a subform for the various suppliers of the product in the main form.

Subforms are often used to replicate identical rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms, or other components where a report may need indentical repeated sections.This means that if you use both the Filter and the change of Record Source together, your code must save the filter state before changing the Record Source and restore it. Record Source = s SQL End If If b Was Filter On And Not Me. Filter On = True End If Exit_cbo Show Sup_After Update: Exit Sub Err_cbo Show Sup_After Update: Msg Box Err. Assume you have provided both the combos described above (cbo Show Cat and cbo Show Sup) on your main form. Before trying to filter on a field in the subform, review how filters are normally used within a form.Take a Products form with a Product Category field.

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