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“Austin, I think, has retained its individual spirit, while SF has been slowly selling its spirit to high bidders.” Like a true millennial, Whittington’s Austin inclinations have inspired some philosophical soul-searching.

Is it “the growing mediocrity of the city” that inspires him to leave, he wonders, or is it a general discontent with “the world”?

Sam Whittington often catches himself daydreaming about Austin, Texas.

The affordable housing, the laid-back lifestyle, the Tex Mex – all the stereotypes of Southern living have captured his imagination, he says.

We considered moving back about 1.5 yrs ago for a new job with a better title and more money.Whichever it is, “I won’t know unless I leave the bubble,” he said.There’s certainly an air of romanticism inherent to Whittington’s vision of the liberal capital of Texas, but is there truth in it? SFGATE spoke to folks who left the Bay Area for Austin to find out (see all of their responses in the above gallery).Only ONE thing was wrong with it, and that was enough to make us move back - it is cloudy and gloomy there most of the time!The light is dimmer, you never see a big bowl of clear blue sky, and you can get chilled to the bone with the damp and dark.

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The pay in Austin hasn't caught up with the rising cost of living, so we are making less money, but living more cheaply. As I age, my income level will not allow me to age in the place that shaped and molded who I am and my world view. I was also able to take advantage of employment opportunities that weren't available to me in the Bay Area. The people of Boise are staunch conservatives with no education and completely judgmental.

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