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But with a very young son to bring up and the family farm in crisis, he decided to give it a shot. Grant was surprised at how little actual work had to be done to fatten and finish the animal for final sale at the market.

He could buy animals, ten to fifteen years old, from a breeding farm and using the recommended feed and supplements bring the animals to market after four or five years.

The animals were expensive, but aside from feed and shelter and occasional vet visits, the costs of up-keep were minimal.

In fact, the government and the breeders encouraged the farmers to buy matures.They easily convinced the majority, that it was a just and productive end for the deviants of society.The farms thrived; providing a source of food for the elite that the elite kept for themselves.The infrastructure of many of the great cities collapsed into anarchy and bloodshed.Rioting led to ultra-violence as the government tried to clamp down.

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