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The Winchesters tell him that they got the other half of the tablet and tell Kevin that he's closest to the end of their quest and seal off Hell.

When they ask if they need the other half, Kevin says that they don't need to.

Sam tells Kevin to keep working while they draw off the demons, but Kevin is too busy working to notice.

Dean wakes up and finds himself sitting in an Army office base dating back to the 50s.

Jody breaks into tears and goes to the restroom to clean up.

She takes some lipstick out of her purse, while at the bar, Crowley sets up a hex.

A couple park on a dark road overlooking the river and make out.

The lights come on and Naomi comes out and congratulates him on his quick, brutal murder.

In the restroom, Jody starts choking and coughs up blood.

Meanwhile, Crowley gets a call and tells Dean that Jody will die in a minute.

Tommy looks out into the night and remembers when he was attacked by a Wendigo years ago. He tells her that it's a Wendigo and tells Shelly to go to the bedroom while he lights up an acetylene torch.

However, he collapses to the ground, his ears bleeding, as the growling noise echoes in his head.

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