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In their exchange, she is pleading and tentative; Damian is formal, condescending, and painfully adolescent.Christianne Everyone is still hurt that you would leave us all and put yourself at risk while we guess every day whether you’re alright or not.Mostly, though, Damian was careful about what he told his mother, and she still doesn’t really know what he was doing there. By spring 2013, their conversations had become excruciating.“You try to convince them to come home and you beg and you plead, then you try to have some normal conversation,” Boudreau recalls.

They told her they were Canadian intelligence agents. He had traveled to Syria with his roommates and joined the local branch of al-Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra. Most young people who run away to join radical groups in Syria make .He became a regular at the gym and went hiking with his roommates in the wilderness around the city.At the time, the conflict in Syria was in its infancy, and all Boudreau saw was her often-troubled son going through another phase, one she hoped he would outgrow.“Lukas,” she wrote, “I love you so much my beloved son. Hold your soft hands in mine and smile at you.” Dam had no idea who might have gained access to her son’s phone or Viber account, but she was desperate for information.Trying to stay calm, she wrote back: “Also yours, sweetie, but mostly Lukas’s.” In Norway, Torill, who asked that her last name not be used, learned of the death of her son, Thom Alexander, from the recruiter who had sent him to Syria to fight.

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In November, Damian left Canada, telling his mother that he was moving to Egypt to study Arabic and become an imam.

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