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This creates a safe and pleasant environment for growing individual and social skills of young people and achieve the greatest appropriate autonomy.

Social and Educational Action, founded in 1997, is a voluntary Non Governmental Organization.

After four years of presence in the Scouting and social events of Thessaloniki, the group remains in its aims and ideologies and changes identity and family with its membership in the summer of 2003 in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, but remains an independent association exclusively of volunteers. A.) has participated, either proactively or decisively, in emergencies, but also in social, cultural and athletic gatherings of the population where its assistance was deemed necessary.

Changed with a new name "Elite Special Mission Team of Thessaloniki Municipality". As our team is becoming more and more known, the demands on available trained staff are becoming more and more daily. A true volunteer and a helpful volunteer is the trained volunteer!!!

The organization, targeting socially and financially disadvantaged communities, aims to improve their living conditions and support their personal development.

Social and Educational Action seeks to raise social awareness within communities and promotes the idea of activism and voluntarism through its activities.

The higher goal is the inclusion of the socially excluded children and their families through respect for their cultural identity and traditions.Thus, the NGO has created a respectable network of volunteers and seeks co-operation with other institutions, either public or private.Social and Educational Action maintains the Support Center for Children and Family since 1997.It includes the following settings and departments: Children and Adolescents’ Department, Chios Mobile Mental Health Unit, Chios Day Center for Adolescents’ with autism, in West Attika “Stin Avli tou Kosmou” “Helianthos” Specialized diagnostic and rehabilitation Center for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.Peristeri Adults’ Mental Health Department, Chios Scientific Documentation and Education Department The purpose of the Association is to create and operate houses where people with mental disabilities live permanently in a socially integrated environment having adequate support for their needs.

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Today, we work with more than 15 million people in over 45 countries to build a better, fairer world for all.

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