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He goes on dates for her and interviews potential partners, asking pointed questions about their religious and political views: “Do you ever watch Glenn Beck?Would you be comfortable with a homosexual elder that wasn’t practicing?“And for people in the dating scene, they might fantasize about someone presenting them with ‘the one.’ I know I did!”In the film those experiences are mined through Kelly Boggas, the Wright’s former babysitter and “spiritual daughter,” who has been living with the family for seven years and hopes to find her husband through courtship., which debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, documents an Evangelical alternative to modern dating: Instead of relying on Ok Cupid’s matchmaking algorithms, women and men entrust God to find them an eligible spouse.We meet the Wright family in their nondescript hometown outside Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Ron Wright runs an educational website promoting Christian courtship, Beforethe But in New York, political and religious conservatives aren’t just outnumbered; they’re anathema.“It’s so easy to judge someone.It’s so easy to read something in the paper and say, ‘I don’t like you or I don’t understand you because you believe this.’ I kind of wanted to create this space where there would be different reactions among people who wouldn’t otherwise interact,” says Kohn. Instead, Kohn focused on appealing to viewers—both religious and secular—through universal emotions and experiences.“Religion is divisive, but everyone relates to romance and looking for someone,” she says.

“I think they love to see worlds they haven’t seen before,” she says, though she acknowledges the pitbull mentality on both sides of the political spectrum.

High school is unkind to kids like Ross (one imagines him being ruthlessly bullied by his male peers and pitied by girls).

His chin is mottled with acne and his voice frequently cracks during conversation.

After a few meetings, Ron has a premonition that God has plans for Ross and Kelly to marry. But it’s hard for the rest of us to read between the lines of their banal, sterile conversation and chaperoned interactions.

Their text messages consist only of formalities: “Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday! ”Meanwhile, the film doesn’t give us Ross’s perspective.

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