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Bay is mixed up about her feelings towards Emmett who is struggling with his own problems.Meanwhile, Kathryn and John quarrel over her job and Regina feels guilty about a secret tryst. ABC Family sure took its time renewing the series for a fifth season, something that even had the stars of the show nervous. Someone came up to me and said, 'I am completely comfortable in my heterosexuality, but that is a beautiful man,'" she reveals, laughing."We were on pins and needles waiting to hear," Vanessa Marano tells E! With the future unclear, the show filmed two separate endings just in case things didn't work out, which brought about a new set of challenges. "I was doing a scene with Max Adler and [he] had a line and he literally forgot his line and was kind of looking at [Nyle.] He was like, 'I'm sorry, have you seen this guy's eyes?Toby and Lily wedding plans go sour as they fight during the ceremony.

Iris pledges to continue her hunger strike until the students responsible for a racist display are expelled. Regina is put in a precarious situation when she decides to expand her business."I think she gets an incredible opportunity in this finale. She's finally going to have her art show and she's very excited about that, but at the same time, whenever you're an artist, it's a world that's filled with as many downs as ups, and I think that's something she's going to have to come to terms with in the finale," Marano says. Kathryn discovers that John ordered a DNA test before they found out about the Switch. Bannon she doesn't qualify for his internship because she's deaf.Bay is celebrated for her tattoo work in a magazine spread, but her struggle to prove herself to John who then let's it slip about Travis' offer. Bay tells Travis that Emmett will be going to Japan with him and she'll be here when he comes back.

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Daphne volunteers at a clinic and grows concerned when Dr. Bay and Daphne throw a "lights on" party at their apartment to pay for their electric bill, but things go awry when uninvited guests get out of control. Travis and Bay have dinner with his birth mom, but the reunion dredges up painful memories of his childhood assault.

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