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Another thing to be careful about is asking girls for their numbers - you have to be polite and discrete about this, because no decent Viet girl wants to be seen handing her personal cell phone number to some random guy she met in a bar.

There are literally hundreds of different bars in Ho Chi Minh City for you to check out, but here are some of our favorites: If you're looking for a venue that sells drinks until 3am, then you'll want to check out Go2.

Experience has shown that dating Southern Viet women tends to be a bit more straightforward though, based on nothing more than they've had more positive experiences with Western men than their northern counterparts might have.

Ho Chi Minh City was always more Western-oriented than other cities in the region so if you want to date or marry a smart, sexy Vietnamese woman then Ho Chi Min is probably your best bet for locating the girl of your dreams.

The city was renamed after the end of the war in Vietnam, but many of the older residents still happily refer to it as Saigon, so we just wanted to prepare you for that before we got further into our guide to dating in Ho Chi Minh City.

A huge population, growing economy, and an existing European heritage means that the city is perfect for the single guy looking to date Asian women.

The only real downside is that the prices are usually at least 2x - 5x higher than other bars.

Most bars in the city close between 12am and 1am, so anywhere open after that is always going to charge more for the privilege.

The pleasure of staying with us begins the moment you arrive, with people who greet you at the door with the natural Vietnamese friendliness.

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