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In simple forceful English, the ideals of the college were set forth as they were originally with another great founder. Freedom from any but intellectual domination was the corner stone of our first building.Naturalness was the characteristic that was to be cultivated.And, too, we have all the wanted drawing instruments.Every Good Thing For the Student Printing €r STVOIONEJOr CO.Slocum, President of Colorado Col- lege from 1888 to 1917, builder and sponsor of all the college build- ings but one, the one who was re- sponsible for the large part of our endowment funds and who did more than any other president to give us the reputation and freedom that the school enjoys, and President Emeri- the building and begins to assume some semblance of order as they er-ch take seats as near to the back as possible.The organ peals a warn- ing note, the students stand, and the faculty marches soberly down the aisle, looking neither to the right or left for fear that they might smile and betray the fact that they are not always digriified.Romanesque design which may be painted in colors after the manner of Peterborough cathedral in Eng- land.The choice of these ceiling types was made so that the chapel shall have good acoustics. A circular stairway extends to the loof of the tov/er from which a magnificent view may be obtained.

The bell was answered by the professor in question. This message in question was from General Charles G.The keynote of design is an unassum- ing simplicity, with an aim toward the same enduring quality of the old cathedrals. Gray says: "The west front on the main axis of the campus is properly ac- cented in design and detail, with simple octagonal pinnacles, a triple light window and large entrance rrch with barrel vaulted recessed entrance portico and doorway.The nave is 30 feet in width and is di- vided into five bays with low arch- es and cleerestory windows over.A replica of a very famous pic- ture of the great pioneer.General Palmer, which had been the pos- session of President Slocum was presented to the college to whom he said that it belonged.

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