Review of perfectmatch dating website

To join for one full month, the price is set at .95 at the moment.

If you pay for 2 months upfront, the cost drops down to .95 monthly.

Step two concerns your interests, hobbies and favorite activities.

What types of questions will be asked within this category?

Also, Perfect Match extends you a special guarantee, so you will receive a refund if don't get enough matches.

If you'd like to try the Premium package for 5 days, you can for only .95.

Unlike other dating websites which pair you with people who are similar to you, Perfect Match uses this technology to provide you with a better match instead.

Step one is to input your personal information, like your physical traits, name, age and relationship status.

With the range of options available to you, it may be a challenge deciding where to begin.

You may want to give Perfect Match a closer look, as it is the fastest growing relationship website at the moment!

This method holds that certain pairs of opposite personalities attract, and that this is a far better coupling than with people who are too much alike.

When you are finished taking the 48 question Duet Test, you will be given your results, which will reveal your unique personality type. Knowing your type will help you to identify the complementary type for you to be on the lookout for.

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