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You have a choice now to pick the party that believes in climate change and the party that does not.

you have a choice to back the candidate who will, at the very least, maintain the subsidies put in place by the Obama administration towards renewable energy.

What I don’t get is that given what we know about the election in 2000, how you could, in all good conscience, put the lives of so many others at stake for your own personal expression. That’s why so many #Bernie Or Bust hashtags have been swapped out for #Never Hillary. You, Viggo, had the good fortune to be born as a good-looking white male with bright blue eyes.

How can you have no heart, no compassion for people whose lives will be genuinely affected by what happens in November where your life and Sarandon’s and Cusack’s will not? You were discovered staring at Harrison Ford in Witness with no dialogue. You were involved in the poetry movement in Los Angeles.

I remember talking to David Cronenberg about working with you and he said you did your research carefully, that you read everything and wanted, always, to make sure you had all of the information you needed to play a character.

Yet I do not see that careful consideration being given here.

I get that you believe you would be selling out your own lofty standards by voting for this Democrat.

I get that voting with the needs of others less fortunate than you is not a top priority for you.

You, Viggo, never have to worry about these things because you are at the very top of the food chain. You said that no one should worry about the “Nader effect” and should just vote their conscience.You are all privileged white people who will have no trouble buying your way of your own problems, but many others won’t. In the end, what it has become for people like you, the ones who refuse to join concerned and pragmatic Democrats, is a chance to exercise your hatred of Hillary Clinton. You starred in Lord of the Rings — probably made a shitload of money doing that. All of that means you led a blessed life from start to finish.The big lie of the Bernie Sanders “revolution” is that at its heart it was not about bringing billionaires to heel. And it certainly was not about putting government in the hands of the people. You would never know, for instance, what it might mean to be living in a Muslim community in Los Angeles under a Trump presidency.Dear Viggo, I have watched your career over the years and admired your ability to remain decent and honest in the face of fame.But I’m here to tell you that your recent stance on Bernie or Bust is just flat out wrong. I’m writing to you because I did not figure you to be someone as selfish as the other celebrities out there, like Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson, Tim Robbins, John Cusack and Shailene Woodley — actors of privilege who really have nothing to lose by taking what they seem to think is an “high-minded” stand.

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