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The consultant told me he will sort that out and I told him I don't want upgrade, I want my contract to continue to run on month to month basis as it was long overdue for upgrading.

To my surprise when I went to cellc stores at matlosana mall they told me my contract has been upgraded for 6 months.

I was trying to voice out my frustrations and she said I was being harsh and left me standing there. My daughter got a gift of shoes from Rage but they were small and I didn't have the receipt but had the box and barcode on the box together with the price. Day before yesterday I attempted to backup my i Pad using a hotspot from my cell phone to my i Pad.

At this busy time she said she needs to call the call centre for authorisation to exchange. This failed (message was that the network connectivity was too poor) resulting in me going into the MTN store in the Pavilion (branch near Pn P),where their staff member Neville advised me to ensure both my cell phone and my ipad were being charged at the time of activating the hot spot. I placed a complaint about complicated ID applications procedures for children whose parents are in prison, submitted under category general.

We are RED PACKAGE customers with Vodacom and are running our business totally on our Vodacom phones.

We have no landlines as we are on the road often working for a Botswana company and our office is in Moroletapark, Pretoria.

Today 26/12/2017 around about went to Kf C at suncoast as usual.line was very while we were still trying to find the last person on the line a guy wearing a Kfc uniform (manager) if I saw correctly was walking around saying "we do not have meat you can get anything else except 4 me meat" politely we asked him.

On the 9th November I called cellc customer care because I was unable to buy social bundles.

I stay in a flat Called Chronicles in Kempton Park I have been staying in the flat for three years now, In September the flat was sold under new management, every month there's power failure and our appliances get burned, some TV's, Fridges, my self TV and a Microwave, the DSTV will be off for the whole weekend.

Even now since yesterday at 14h00 we don't have electricity, No apologies nothing they just want their rent.

It is unfair and utterly unprofessional for Vodacom to build-in pop-ups that can be...

I was at Pep stores Mahikeng on de 22/12/17 at nd was assisted by a cashier named Gaoitsiwe I only wanted airtime nd data nd his service was bad as he ws busy talking with someone while assisting me I even said to him "jy is biekie hastig" I said dat bcos he had printed wrong airtime,he even gave me de wrong amount of change nd I only noticed in de morning that's when I called de store to complain then de phone ws answered by some lady who told me he ws busy so I should give her my...

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I immediately pay with EFT, but due to the fact that I try with my credit card first the price changes. Booked in my car last week for over heating and few months ago for drive train, yesterday when I was driving to work the car gave me the same warning signs that they were showing when the car was booked in before.

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