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For pilots, it helps train their airspeed control and situational awareness.

An unpowered aircraft, pilots fly gliders using naturally occurring currents of rising air.

Landing sites are often in remote locations – from rice fields to lahar-covered terrain – making the job an exciting road trip aboard an off-road 4×4 vehicle!

Paragliding is an adventure sport using a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft.

Balloon Bursting is one of the most anticipated events at the Fiesta.

In an exciting demo of precision flying, pilots fly a light aircraft over the runway and attempt to burst small, helium-filled balloons released from the ground.

Hot Air Ballooning The highlight of the fiesta is always the hot air balloon flights, taking place every sunrise and sunset (weather permitting).

Apart from entertaining the crowd, the activity enhances the pilot’s eye and hand coordination skill and sharpens his anticipation and use of aircraft controls.

Formation flying is always an amazing sight for onlookers.

The competition is named after the hunting event where hounds chase after a hare.

In ballooning, the Hare, which is normally the host balloon, will take off and try to fly around in different altitudes to make it difficult for the Hound balloons to follow.

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There are several methods in launching a glider: it can be through a towrope pulled by a powered aircraft; or a ground launch using a winch, a vehicle or a bungee.

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