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When the client and site is configured for Internet-based client management and you configure this option as True or Yes and both of the following conditions apply, users receive user policy when their computer is on the Internet: If you leave this option as False or No, or if either of the conditions fails, a computer on the Internet will receive computer policies only.

In this scenario, users can still see, request, and install applications from an Internet-based Application Catalog.

It is a web-based IT security management application that includes the following features: Agent Server is a service that runs on Seqrite EPS Server system.

It helps in sending various requests such as Client Settings, Scan Now, and Update Now to all the clients initiated by the Administrator.

For Configuration Manager with no service pack: Specify how frequently client computers download client policy.

This feature of network security runs on every Seqrite EPS Client system.

It communicates with the Agent Server and performs various tasks such as Scan Now and Update Now initiated from the Admin Server by the Administrator.

It also sends virus logs to the Admin Server when any infection is found and status information if it is changed. Seqrite provides a tool called Update Manager integrated with Seqrite Endpoint Security that is centrally deployed to help download the latest updates from the server of Seqrite.

If this command results in either a network time-out or a failure to resolve the address, communication is being blocked between your network and Symantec servers.

If you have firewalls or proxies in your network environment, whitelist the required URLs.

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