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Each year displays the poster for the Best Picture winner.

(Note: This is the production year of the films considered, The Academy Awards®, affectionately known as the Oscars®, are the oldest, best known, most influential, most prestigious, and famous of film awards.

Many of the most Deserving Films of All Time (see Films Without Awards) did not win Academy Awards® (and in some cases were not even included in the nominees).

In addition, Top Box-Office Films aren't always guaranteed awards success either.

For example, if the product has 1 cup of sugar and that was the highest ingredient, sugar would be listed as the first ingredient.

The dietary guidelines state that we are to choose beverages and foods to moderate our intake of sugars.

In the United States, the number-one source of added sugars is non-diet soft drinks (soda or pop).

Ever since then, beginning with the 1934 awards ceremony, all awards have been based on openings in the previous calendar year.

Films also had to be over 40 minutes long to qualify as feature-length.] Until 1954, the Oscars were presented mostly on a Thursday evening.

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Ever since 1941, when their now-famous confidential envelope system was introduced, marking the first year of complete secrecy, "the Envelope Please" has become a familiar phrase that evokes the thought of the Academy Awards® ceremony.

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