Named slave zone not updating

I should have finished helping him get things in order by the time you return.' You gain experience!! He and I were becoming fast friends until Ixvet took him.

You must have warmly faction with the Nihil to have this conversation: You say, 'Hail, Proteri Amari' Proteri Amari glances around nervously. I can't be seen talking to outsiders.' You say, 'Who is Talwin? I am not sure what has happend to him, but if you would be [interested] in helping me I may be able to assist you in return.' You say, 'I am interested.' Proteri Amari says 'Good, good.

You must be one of the adventurers that Fezbin told me about. ' Taminoa Bialu says 'Well, it appears the native inhabitants of Taelosia lived in a grand city once.

This city is made up of four different areas named in their language.

Based off of early information, we believe each area had a specific purpose.

I think this worried him and resulted in him pushing his luck a little far. When you return please give what you find to my assistant Opury Foop. Oh, you must be one of the adventurers helping us with our scout issue. Talwin and Tam were really close before Talwin joined the brotherhood, but it is really not my place to give you any more details. Apparently he forces the slaves to use their control over the stone workers to protect him. Seems Talwin was able to build a rapport with the head slave in the area.

Ever since I told him his reports were lacking the vital evidence we needed I have not heard from him. She is trying to help me organize my reports a little better.' You need to find out what happened to Talwin. Your Location is -112.19, -43.76, 144.51 You say, 'Hail, Opury Foop' Opury Foop says 'My brother is an adventurer like you. Sounds like that may be the best place to start looking for more Talwin clues. His name is Proterri and it says here that he was planning to poison the head slaver and try to start a slave revolt.

Now, you should leave before we're seen.' You need Black Hynid Bile (from Natimbi), Yellow Tide Feaster Bile (also from Natimbi), Writhing Mass of Insect Larva (from flies and gnats in any of the four the Sewers), and a Vial of Corrosive Slime (from lurker mobs in any of the four Sewers). Note: To open Sewers of Nihilia expeditions, visit Gamesh in Barindu.

Kunimi Falade takes the ingredients and gets to work. With Chiaka out of the way, I'll be able to serve him. Here, I've managed to secret this away from the guards up until now and I hate to think about those beasts getting their hands on it. If this goes well, I won't need it anymore.' Your faction standing with Nihil has been adjusted by 50. Abena Taifa says 'Ikaav Ixvet Pox, I humbly present you with your meal.' Ikaav Ixvet Pox says 'Be gone. Taminoa Bialu looks at the final report before bowing his head for a second.

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