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Urban Dictionary perfectly sums up the phrase with a couple of detailed definitions, but we've devised our own version below to properly encompass it.

Breadcrumbing (noun): The act of sporadically sending flirtatious yet noncommittal text messages (i.e., "breadcrumbs") to someone at random times in order to keep up their hopes that a relationship may form in the future although there are no actual intentions of dating.

Breadcrumbs may come in the form of a text message, as mentioned before.

These are typically as random and evasive as possible, such as "Hey, I was just thinking about you the other day," a link to a funny article, or a cute dog-related meme.

But these crumbs can also be left in the form of an Instagram "like" or Twitter retweet because the doer knows that person will receive some sort of notification of their interaction.

If you suspect that you're a victim of this fascinating communication tactic and you're ready to call it quits, not responding is usually a solid go-to that gets the message across.

After all, the Hulu comedy revolves around a single mom, Mindy Lahiri (creator and star Mindy Kaling), who also happens to run a fertility clinic.

However, it was one of her patients in the season six premiere that caught many by surprise: Tamra (Xosha Roquemore), who came to Mindy asking for help as she dove head-first into single motherhood. "It makes a huge difference in the Tamra character because she's so self-involved and so young and millennial and only cares about going out and being cool, so I think wanting to get pregnant is just such a huge 180.

Jo Dee will only perform four more concerts this year, beginning next Tuesday at Virginia's Washington County Fair in Abingdon.

October 21 marks Jo Dee's 10th wedding anniversary with Albuquerque businessman Chris Deffenbaugh, with whom she has two sons - Noah, 8; and Jonah, 5.

" actress Jeri Ryan recalls of first glimpsing her future husband, Christophe Emé at a food-related charity event.

But if you want to breadcrumb the breadcrumber, try replying to their message with even less enthusiasm and even more brevity.

Multi-platinum country crooner Jo Dee Messina announced to her fans Wednesday that she was recently diagnosed with cancer and will begin treatment this fall.

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