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Daniel tells us that we are ruled over by thelowest of men; that's religiously and politically. They are known as, "The Society of Jesus", and also promote the "inspired Greek New Covenant".

Their influence around the world through seminaries is one thing; but they also play a part in every social and political upheaval wherever they may occur.

(see link to book,, the apes represent free men; but one morning they wake up and their "country" was taken over by the presence of a foreign object - forever changed!

Have you ever felt that your country is no longer the same one you were born in?

No matter what they did, the Papacy could not seem to get moved to Jerusalem.

The parties are simply different "management teams".What the UN planned as evil, Yahuah will use for our good, and our Mashiach will come to protect the remnant that endures to the end.The Jesuits have designs to take control of the entire Earth, in order to bring everyone under the authority of "god" on Earth, the Pope.The US Constitution is in the way of this global take-over, so the next step will be to merge Canada, the USA, and Mexico into a union, the the North American Union.This new overlord government will trump the US Constitution, and the USA will effectively become just one member of the new union.

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"Maryland", the state, is named for "Mary"; the Whitehouse is built on farmland that was originally named "Rome".

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