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I found another example on the internet(**) and it works super fine, no problem at all.

I edited the code (the one I got from internet) into the exact format like book and it still works super but i don't understand why the books' example doesn't work though both look exactly the same now ,further more, how can i compare String x and y for equality? I still wonder how they did it in the book, because on my keyboard i have only two dash signs, I tried the code with both signs and it works perfectly.

Depending on the source of the input, the validation function might pose a huge performance risk and cause OM (out of memory) errors.

See, even really short strings of just dots create one String object per character.

Can any one please help, I don't know what I am missing. The dash in the book is a little bit longer then the dashes on my keyboard. I first restricted the Text Field to only allow 0-9 and .

Thanking you all in advance Out Put: false 35 35 is valid? false *: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 7 Programmer Exams 1Z0-804 and 1Z0-805 ... // This program demonstrates how we can validate an IP address @fred rosenberger, Super man , wonderful.. I changed the dash sign with minus and now it works fantastic. Then I threw it at a Rex Ex pattern, and if it matched, I then tested each octet simultaneously in one custom procedure: Yes you are very right.

Therefore, someone sending you a 10 Mi B string is typically going to overflow the heap space.Then it depends how the rest of the code uses it (if it expects a strictly valid IP address or not). (note that allowing zeroes in the front might be useful if someone wants to present the addresses as fixed-width strings, and it doesn't change the numerical value of decimal numbers).Still, you're right that it's a good point to make. Allowing empty spaces after and before would be a much more user friendly option, but it is still rejected by the function. Besides, always consider possible future security concerns. A few additional comments to complement the other review: The first error message has "octect" but what was meant was undoubtedly "octet".Although I do not know if every way of building a GUI in Java implements control methods as simply as Java FX does, as Java FX is the only way I've ever done it.Actually, this little project I'm working on is the first time I've programmed in almost 8 years and the first time I've messed with Java since college which was about 10 years ago, so you and I are both newbies in that sense.

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