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There is a small number of Jewish women marrying Muslim Arabs (a few dozen a year contrary to the “30,000 women” spread by some haredi groups), but that’s on the fringe.

Most intermarriage in Israel are between a secular Israeli and a foreigner.

In 2008, over 90% of those who voted in New Square and Kiryas Joel, NY (also Hasidic) voted for John Mc Cain.

You should have read the talkbacks on Israeli Hebrew sites.

He even takes away any Jewish pronounciation of his name, so (shrug). That`s three times in as many issues that you`ve quoted that statistic about Skver and Curious Yoel. We the Jews are are dying breed — in 4000 years we are not more than 16 Million and the figures speak for themselves — Young kids are leaving Judaism in droves and nobody almost nobody wants to become a Jew, Jewish kids are marrying non Jews and their kids usually opts for other religions as they feel more comfortable and secure in many ways and also it is easy going with Christianity, Buddhism or Islam – so maybe 25-50 years we will be down to a few hundred thousand. When can we stop all of this tribalism and accept that we are all ONE people on this beautiful blue ball floating in space…no matter your religious (or non-religious) beliefs. “We are all one people”, you seriously believe in that non-sense stupidity ? The world is going to be very harsh for you when you grow up. We Jews are getting stronger and in Israel and some other communities are thriving.

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I take exception with the statement that the expectation that non-Orthodox American Jewis seek out and marry fellow Jews doesn’t exist.

I think that many American Jews have that expectation but also realize that there is a good chance of intermarriage.

I do wonder whether it wouldn’t almost be a bigger deal if Zuckerberg were marrying, say, a fifth-generation WASP rather than an Asian-American with some family still in China.

There may also be a whiff of “well, Asians are the new Jews” thing to it, particularly given that they met at an AEPi party at Harvard.

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