Intimidating rage

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Highway 31, a Birmingham-based pro-Doug Jones super PAC is using what could be perceived as voter intimidation tactics against Roy Moore by suggesting the votes cast in a December 12 special election are “public record.” Beginning last week, some Alabamians were posting on social media about encountering online pre-roll video advertising making such a claim. And your community will know if you helpd stop Roy Moore" Anyone else think this looks like voter intimidation?

#Voter Intimidation — Joemantler (@Joemantler) December 3, 2017 In watching some youtube videos on Cash Cab there is an ad running for Doug Jones as follows: "Your vote is public record & your community will know if you voted to stop Roy Moore" @Moore Senate I will just leave this here.

Over the past few years, bitcoin was increasingly accepted as transactional currency and continues to grow.

A strong, or "intimidating" personality type, can mean something different for everyone.

They've put in the time and effort to learn and understand as much of the world as possible, something that requires an open mind.

So, when are willfully ignorant, artificial or judgmental, strong personality types will not tolerate it.

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