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He kept discreetly looking our direction, and I realized he probably had a great view of my legs beneath the table, now even more exposed as my short dress hiked up even further while sitting. I was at first embarrassed as I had shed my underwear and wondered if he had seen more than my legs, but then grew excited thinking this handsome black man was drawn to what was under our table. I then thought, why not give him something more to look at, and I shifted my legs a little when I noticed him glancing our way, giving him a quick glimpse of my bare pussy.

He introduced himself as Jim and asked if he could join us for a drink. I felt my pussy tingle as he sat down with Steve and me.

I felt weak in my knees as Steve unlocked the door.

As he fumbled with the key card, Jim came up behind me and put his arms around me from behind.

Fantasies of me kissing and tonguing a thick lipped black man and visualizing a strong black body against my whiteness, with our contrasting colored arms wrapped around each other as a large black pole strained my pink pussy lips were inexplicably exciting to both Steve and me. " My body started involuntarily convulsing, my head fell to the bed, my eyes rolled back, my pussy clenched.

A few minutes later the waitress brought us a round and motioned toward the man I had been flashing when she told us where it was from.

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