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Also check out the Wounded Knee collection (American Radicalism) For more items visit the Special Colletions website and search Wounded Knee in the catalog search box.

Each project participant selected a piece for the collection they felt best represented their work and the collection includes portraits, biographies of artists, and color photographs of their baskets, pottery, beadwork, dolls, stained glass, sculptures, and drawings.The collection counters the often stereotypical views of American Indian art, in general, and Great Lakes Indian art, in particular. The difficulty in adequately documenting Native Americans lies in the fact that the history of Native Americans is transmitted through artifacts and through an oral tradition intimately bound with a living culture rather than in the letters, diaries and other written documents that we associate with other groups and which are routinely collected by archival agencies like the Bentley.Also contains links to online newspapers by Michigan Native American tribes.AIM used the media to present its message to the American public.On Thanksgiving Day 1970, AIM seized the replica of the Mayflower.

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Chief Okemos portrait For more information about Chief Okemos, vist Bill Castanier, "The Surprise Return of Chief Okemos", (Lansing) City Pulse, August 28, 2009. gives readers insight into life on an Indian reservation.

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