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In a new chat with Playboy, Damon continues that trend by providing commentary on the recent presidential election and politics in general.

"We're at a point where politicians don’t really get any benefit from engaging with long-term issues," Damon said.

In an interview with the Sunday People, she said: 'At first it was small things but soon I noticed bigger changes.First rule in any online game is to find a clan, guild, or corporation. v=BNVvs3Kd ZAk&list=O1o-4n Zg7Sm NNmqgf SOr4HEVUf8Ngsk2? utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=Pb Plus&fbid=10/10/12 I feel for Ms. Maybe being married and dealing with women daily as a trainer at Punch Kettlebell Gym makes me more immune to reacting when a women plays an online video game.You will always have a better experience once you've learned to do this. But personally, I just think the shooter genre has an overabundance of "Meatheads" and "Man-children".If you can't go a day without playing a game, you're hardcore.When you get home from work, pop open a beer and instead of going, 'I wonder who's playing [sports] tonight? And gamers will always be gamers, regardless of how little time they have."TRUTH.

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The only other reason I have a problem with it is she says she plays Wo W(and I am not questioning this) and I am sorry but there is just as many douchebags playing that and other MMOs as well. Obviously, not all who play shooters are this way but a substantial amount.

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  1. At night game you just walk around the club and look for eye contact. The service on my cell phone went out while I was trying to set everything up so it got interesting. Got a text a couple minutes later that said “i like you and i want to make sex with you but I’m not prepared” whatever that means.