Han ye suel and eric dating

Myeong-Wol then decides to go to South Korea to complete their mission without informing her superiors.

Myeong-Wol then realizes that she ruined their mission.My new korean actors crushes :) All of the casts are beautiful. Lol Anyways, going through the comments section, most people said they would prefer myung wol with choi ryu. Kang woo was really arrogant at first, but I understood why.Apart from his immense popularity, he carried the guilt of running away when his father was dying..can cause anyone to be withdrawn.She goes after people who watch South Korean dramas, movies, or pop music, but she hopes to one day move up as an agent in the special forces.Myeong-Wol then takes a test to become a special agent, but fails the test.

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During a break in filming, Myeong-Wol approaches Kang Woo and then notices leaking gas.

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