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As far as she knew at the time, she wasn’t doing anything remarkable.She was just swinging as hard as she could and hitting the ball all over the map.“I didn’t have a team or a sponsor or any of that, but I was told I shouldn’t go myself,” she says, explaining Etta’s presence. This time, when she went into the golf shop, the girl working behind the counter was wearing the exact same outfit. men-dominated sport, and it’s an older men’s sport,” she says, reflecting on those experiences.As for the club: “It’s the best driver Ping ever made,” she maintains, five years later. “So now that we have a lot of young women, especially women that are dressing, you know, a little bit more provocatively – I don’t but you see it on Instagram – the sport is changing.She would only come to learn otherwise once she was back in Los Angeles, out of college and working at Brookside Golf Club to keep up her new golf habit. That’s how ashamed I was that my swing had fallen apart.” Still beating range balls morning after morning, Mullins was noticed by an ex-teaching pro, Don Huffaker, who was impressed more than anything else by her commitment. And he just helped me get back, back to where I can do my own swing, do my own thing.” Little by little, Mullins swing and confidence started to come back.It was at Brookside that someone she now calls a friend, 2017 Ladies European Tour rookie Jenny Lee, opened her eyes to what she was really doing. I don’t hit it far.’ “And she was like, ‘Dude, girls don’t hit it that far.’” To be clear, Mullins, at 5-foot-8, surpasses 300 yards even when she fails to clear her hips and ends up pushing it right. I didn’t do anything.” After a year break allowed her back to heal, Mullins found herself right back where she started – by herself, at the range. She was there instead out of determination, out of an unwillingness to quit, even after her game had largely left her. hurt by the fact that I trusted someone and it just ruined my swing,” she said. Huffaker offered his help, but after her last experience with an instructor, Mullins was naturally skeptical. ’ And I was like, ‘I don’t want to trust someone again.’ So I told him, ‘Maybe I’ll just come practice with you,’” she says. After a lot of work and a little help from Huffaker, she is now a one handicap. “Every time I go to a country club, I get dinged for my skirts.

In response, Selena Gomez declared that she is no longer young and foolish, explaining that she maintains relationships with people who “really impacted” her life. She then went on to explain that people may have exaggerated her history with Justin, saying that “it’s just [her] life.” We're LIVE from the #womeninmusic award show!

The numbers for African-American women are considerably lower.

Despite some inclusionary progress and public efforts to – wait for it – “Grow the Game,” the National Golf Foundation found that of the 23.8 million people age six or older who played at least one round golf in 2016, only 1 million, or four percent, were African-American.

I was just addicted to hitting the ball.” That addiction followed her halfway around the world.

A China and Asia-Pacific Studies major, Mullins sought out a local driving range while in Beijing during a study-abroad program.

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