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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars uses the entire city apart from Alderney, and is altered for the top-down perspective of the game.In Grand Theft Auto V, the films Meltdown and An American Divorce produced by Richards Majestic Productions are set in Liberty City.The Dutch established a colony and soon plenty other European nationalities travelled to the city to find what freedom was truly like in the colony of New Rotterdam, which promised convenience stores and public hangings, as well as a slave trade craze that swept the colony ever since the very first shipload of slaves.Eventually, the English set sail for the colony, which was based on the slender island named Algonquin after an old Indian word with the same pronunciation and the settlers signed a petition to be ruled by the British.From top to bottom, left to right: skyline of Midtown Algonquin, the Civilization Committee building, the Statue of Happiness, Star Junction, the Monoglobe, the Broker Bridge, and Pier 45 in Fishmarket South."Liberty City is a very different place in the 21st century.The most famous skyline in the world now belies a city gripped by fear and suspicion.Algonquin (Manhattan) Self-proclaimed center of everything A bustling commercial/business district full of amazing towering skyscrapers and a varied composition of cultures. Broker (Brooklyn) An ex-city on its own A distinct ex-city on its own, it maintains a distinct character apart from the rest of the city. Dukes (Queens) Old, ethnically-diverse and affluent An old ethnically-diverse, predominantly-residential area, it is the location of the Francis International Airport and the baseball stadium that is home to the Liberty City Swingers, and an Irish pub, the Steinway Beer Garden.

This is an obvious reference to Hurricane Sandy which hit New York and New Jersey in 2012. Middle Park can be seen in the middle, and the Algonquin skyline in the background.

Soon the English expanded the colonies by eradicating natives and took over three new islands for the colony.

The first consisted of both Broker, named after the king's bastard son who was conceived by a milk maid and the other Dukes, after the term Duky because the people smelled like excrement.

The British and the Americans fought in what was to be known as the American Revolution for freedom from taxes, and after receiving a statue of a transvestite eating ice cream from the French, the Americans won and removed the Union Jack and melting the statue of King George into chains, toilet seats and gold teeth.

Slavery was soon outlawed in Liberty City and women were forced to spend time under train tracks servicing men.

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The new rendition of the city is, more likely, the "official" GTA universe's version of New York City.

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