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Are you just attending the church like, or is it a church where he feels at home, where he can connect with the teachers, where he comes alive spiritually? Can you ask him to read a Christian book that will kindle the fire in his soul, promising him something special in return?

Melody Rhode (a gifted marriage and family therapist), is “functional fixedness.” This phrase describes a man who will never be motivated by his wife’s pain; he’s only motivated by his pain.(For the men reading this post, it’s certainly true that women as well as men can fall prey to functional fixedness.The reason I’m describing husbands here is because I first broached the issue in my book and have since had women write to me for more clarification. Just flip the gender and the principles will be roughly the same.) According to Dr.For women, this spiritual reality means that you need to adopt a long-term view of change that will be internal and spiritual before it is external and marital.More than simply praying for a change in the way your husband treats you, pray for a change in his heart toward God.

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