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Scottish director Gillespie, making his feature debut, never saw as a horror film. Together with production designer Gary Wissner (who hand-wrote the film's chilling notes), he repainted the house owned by Anne Heche's creepy Missy and built both the film's corrugated-iron gym and the bright yellow shower for the screamer of a epilogue."I wasn't interested in making a horror film, particularly," Gillespie tells us.

on the lot where our offices were," the director remembers. To Kevin, she was a goddess, before he'd had any [working] relationship with her, which he then had afterwards [with is my favourite horror film because I remember it so clearly.

It was all coming together at the same time with Kevin."No Sweater"There was a moment where we'd shot Love Hewitt on the boat at the end.

We'd shot the end sequence before we shot the last part on the deck with the fight and her screaming. And then we realised we'd made a continuity error where she was wearing a little jumper all through the first part, so we had to construct some reason that she would take her top off."People thought it was so you could see more of her breasts, but actually it was because we had screwed up the continuity and needed it to match!

'"I rewatched that film because it's [set in a] small town. We got a load of local school bands to do the march for the festival. I wanted the waterfront to have a New England feel, and The Fab Four "I cast them all.

[Jennifer] Love [Hewitt] was always going to be Julie, and she was cast first.

Get to know the people before you start chopping them up, so you care about them a bit. It's what Ridley [Scott] did with "I used that argument when we were doing the film. It wasn't the scary movie bit, it really was, 'What would I do if I was in that situation?

Drunk and in a car out with my mates on a quiet country road and we knock someone down? And then the third one they did straight to video was kind of pointless. I haven't seen it so I can't comment on it."They've been talking about a remake for the last three, four years.

He'd just done , so he was a very well-liked teen figure."So killing him was a big deal. The title clicked and everything just seemed to work.These aren’t your average co-workers hooking up after hours. These are the A-list beacons of hope that are revitalizing our loveless hearts.From newlyweds to long-time partners, here are 10 celebrity couples who fell in love on set.(Maybe it has to do with all the on-screen kissing?) While a lot of on-set flings fizzle through, there are quite a few that prove that love still exists—even if you have five cameras on you during a sex scene.

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."It had that core dilemma of, 'What would I do if this happened to me?

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