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Pichet, his results, not only with the SRS portion of my surgery, but with the breast augmentation as well, I can easily say is AMAZING and breathtaking. I am in the belief that the outcome of this surgery not only depends on the surgeon in which you chose, but it greatly depends on the attitude in which you take with you on this mind blowing adventure of starting life brand new.

And if you think I am kidding, look at the results when the packing and tape are removed.

I understand that many of your work very hard and very long to get to this point in your life where it is time to invest what you sweat for years to achieve. Mind you, a great many of you will spend the entire month in Bangkok, so I would really plan on staying the full 30 days.

But knowing what I know now, seeing what I can see, and have experienced first hand the skill, determination, drive, professional yet friendly attitude and superb surgical skill of Dr. For me, I am a quick healer; I am a pain is weakness kind of women.

I forgot to advise them that I have a little reaction to the sticky on the tape, so I had some tender areas, but only because of my skin and not the surgery.

All medication had already been organised by the Dr Pichet.

The main reason for writing is to say a huge thank you, not only for changing my life but for the simply fantastic service you provided for me and Marc.

We will never forget your courtesy, kindness and wonderful sense of fun and laughter.

Dr Pichet is an amazing surgeon & I recommend his services to anyone.

Please don’t hesitate to travel to see him for your surgery. Please ask Dr for my email address if you would like to to contact me directly. I can’t believe it’s 3 months since I was in Bangkok.time has just flown by.

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