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The children inherited the genetic traits of both their parents, and could also inherit Force-sensitivity.While most individuals exhibited male-to-female attraction, a significant minority of the galactic population exhibited male-to-male, female-to-female, or male-to-male/female attraction.During the Clone Wars, male humans were cloned from the bounty hunter Jango Fett to form the Grand Army of the Republic.These clones were grown in hatcheries on the planet Kamino, and were genetically altered to accelerate their growth rate Owing to geopolitical or economic hardship, many male and female members of a variety of species sold themselves as prostitutes or "mistresses" to a variety of clientele.Some planets, such as Chandrila, were home to unprejudiced cultures, allowing such individuals to make public displays of affection free from the threat of physical violence.However, some still felt awkward and embarrassed when openly conveying such affection.

Up to a 1920x1080 video resolution is supported, allowing this adapter converter to meet the needs of a high performance application.Largely looked down upon, such activities often occurred in areas of ill repute, and could result in exploitation, rape, and slavery.Many who frequented such venues were gamblers, spacers, or spice addicts who lacked stable relationships, or were rich and otherwise influential persons, normally in positions of considerable political power.Connect this adapter directly to the output of a laptop and use a VGA cable to connect to a display.Learn more about how this C2G product and other C2G products can help you adapt your Chromebook to meet your needs by reading our blog post, Getting the most from your Chromebook, visiting our Chromebook Adapters New Technology page, exploring our Chromebook Solutions page, or checking out our Chromebook Adapters product category.•Download a PDF with the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab or view the technical specifications of this product on the Specs tab•Download a PDF with the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab• Resolutions Supported: 480i/480p, 576i/576p, 800x600, 720i/720p, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1080i/1080p• Voltage: 5V, 500m A (VGA models)• Voltage Rating: 30V• Pixel clock rate: Up to 165MHz• Impedance : 100±5• Intra-pair skew: 15ps/m max• Minimum Bend Radius: 12mm• Operating Temperature: 0°C to 70°C• Storage Temperature: -10° to 40° C• Adapter Length: 203mm• Approvals: CEConductor (Qty.

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