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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is contracting with the Lexis Nexis tool RAIDS Online to provide crime reporting, community awareness, and data transparency to the public.Citizens can view the reported crimes on a map or in a table.In the event the information is an emergency, then call 9-1-1.Online shops offers: Express Chemist 2 items for 15.49 - 23.25 GBPPerfume Click 4 items for 15.80 - 48.85 uk 7 items for 17.18 - 52.82 1 product for 34.95 GBPEscentual 4 items for 35.70 - 50.15 GBPLife and Looks 2 items for 42.70 - 58.60 GBPBeauty Expert 1 product for 52.00 1 product for 52.00 GBPMankind 1 product for 52.00 1 product for 52.00 GBPThe Perfume Shop 1 product for 59.00 GBPLloydspharmacy 1 product for 18.95 GBPView products... Top notes are rosemary, clary sage and brazilian rosewood; middle notes are tonka bean, lavender and geranium; base notes are honey, amber, musk and oakmoss. I found a small bottle at my local TJ Maxx and purchased it as a blind buy. All-in-all, it simply smells classic without sliding into the the generic. After a bit the pleasant musk and warm honey and rosemary herb scent comes in strong and it just smells great.Note: Jump to City does not contain all of the city names in Sacramento County.Enter the city of area name or Zip Code into the Address field to locate the area you want.The reader should not rely on the data provided herein for any reason.The information is provided strictly as a courtesy to the public.

I'm wearing it today and this morning a young guy at work said "lovin' that cologne Sir!Eventually he would sit me up on his shoulders and carry me off to bed.I can vividly recall that scent mixture to this day. Still a classic, pretty basic but smells clean and manly.The Sheriff’s Department uploads completed crime reports to Lexis Nexis on a daily basis.The data does not include general calls for service or police activity where there was no crime report.

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In the menus to the left of the screen, select Data Range to display options for selecting a time frame by interval (day, week, month), by selecting specific dates with a calendar widget, or to activate a slider that enables adjusting the date range with the slide of your mouse.

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