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When she discovers Don’s duplicity, she becomes even less inclined to forgive him, despite all his success, ultimately leaving him for the older, more stable politician Henry Francis.Still, there’s no denying their sexual spark, which is reignited years later when they reconnect while visiting Bobby at camp.An early challenge to his ideas of a woman’s place in the world, naturally, he tries to seduce her!Though Rachel initially rebuffs him, she ultimately succumbs.While the New Yorker has put his bachelor days behind him, marrying for the first time at the age of 56 last year, Mr Manni is a firm believer in men taking a somewhat old-fashioned approach to relationships.

Empty of answers, all I can say is that I know when I meet someone special my many questions will fall away.

For seven seasons, we’ve watched him hook up with an artist, teacher, businesswoman, psychologist, several secretaries, even the occasional slap-happy hooker. As the show begins its final seven episodes on April 5, we’ve made our own version of Draper’s little black book -- a complete list of all the lothario’s ladies, or at least all those we’ve seen him with on-screen.

WATCH: Jon Hamm Says Don't Count on a 'Mad Men' Movie Aimee (Megan Ferguson)Don’s sexual issues make slightly more sense when you take into account where they started: Dick Whitman (Draper’s original identity) is “a whore’s child,” as his stepmother liked to remind him, who lost his virginity as a terrified teenager to Aimee, a prostitute in his uncle’s brothel.

After an early-morning drive to work when Don sees her out jogging, their attraction turns into a full-blown affair.

At first Suzanne says she doesn’t care that he’s married, but later she laments the fact they can never be seen in public.

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“You’re as beautiful as the day I met you,” he tells her, admitting later in bed that he misses her.

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